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Video Detail Aid

Opinion Health understands the importance of detail aid materials and detail aid testing.

With this in mind, we have developed an online detail aid testing tool that replicates the “real-life” detailing experience and allows brand teams to test their detailing story and materials with a more robust sample of healthcare professionals yet at a lower cost and quick turn-around times to fit in with challenging campaign schedules.

How does it work?

  • A representative of your company is videoed giving a detail. The detail flow is directed by your brand manager.
  • The videoed detail is programmed into an Opinion Health on-line survey.
  • The survey is sent to the agreed sample type and number.
  • Opinion Health provides full analysis of responses and delivers recommendations for optimisation of detail story and materials.


Additional benefits:

  • Respondents are given a consistent detail.
  • Two detail aids can be tested side by side.
  • Survey questions can be placed at critical points during the detail.
  • The detail story can be tested with and without rep support.
  • The detail story can be customised depending upon respondent type - eg high prescribers or different HCP types can be sent a different version.
  • Response quality is enhanced by our suite of tools to improve respondent engagement and our standard data quality checks.