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Detail Follow Up

With so many things jostling for the attention of healthcare practitioners, the impact of product communications is becoming increasingly critical.

At Opinion Health, we have developed a Detail Follow Up (DFU) system that we believe to be particularly suitable to obtain useful feedback for marketing teams on their proposed detail aids:

Our approach takes into consideration the key influencers on the HCP:

Environment impact Campaign impact
1. Influence of local/national policy 1. Message recall
2. Influence of guidelines 2. Value of information
3. Influence of experts 3. Competitiveness of brand positioning
4. Influence of colleagues 4. Credibility of positioning
Representative impact Detail aid impact
1. Technical and selling skills 1. Credibility
2. Relationship building 2. Recommendation
3. Sales impact 3. Preference
4. Performance measures
5. Intention to use


Questions have been designed for their ability to predict intention to use the product. The impact elements are analysed in relation to the stated intention to use the product to reveal factors that are driving intended usage.

Bespoke reports can be designed to provide findings in the formats desired. With sufficient data, results can be analysed at local and team or representative level.

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